Who Are We?

A magazine challenging societal norms by sharing inspiring stories and helping women overcome adversity to live their best lives.

Live Your Best Life

You are who you are, so make no apologies. Let us help you reach your feminine potential.

The Woman Behind The Brand

I am a normal mother, who believes strongly in the need for unconditional maternal support. Who believes passionately in equality and fairness for women. Who wants to spread knowledge, love and understanding through empowerment.

Women Supporting Women

Join our exclusive Facebook group and connect with like minded women. We believe that everyone should belong to a village of empowering women. This is not always possible so we have created a safe online village for support.

Tackling The Issues

Being a woman isn’t easy, society has vilified being a feminist, they forget the struggle we have had to endure just to get equal rights. If you choose to be different from mainstream, if you are a person of colour or have a different sexual orientation or identify differently, this only makes your struggle harder. We want to shine a light on these issues and show that underneath our choices we are all the same.

Want To Contribute?

Do you have an inspiring story you want to share to help empower other women? Get in touch!