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9 Ways To Show Yourself Love

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You can’t pour from an empty cup and its not selfish to take some me time, it’s a way to love yourself because you deserve it. Life can be hard and even the most blessed person needs some time for themselves to recharge and relax. We have put together 9 ways to show yourself love as a starter to get your cup overflowing!

There is this belief sometimes that we should give selflessly, which is great except we often forget to give to ourselves selflessly. Neglecting our own needs leaves us feeling tired, resentful and not worthy of other people’s time. We forget who we are and that we need love too. More often than not others take advantage of us, it’s almost as if they can sense we do not respect ourselves enough to put ourselves first and it’s taken advantage of.

Luckily showing yourself love is as easy as breathing and something you can do daily to keep that tank on full.


We are all human and we all mess up a little sometimes, even at times too. The key is to forgive our short comings and try better next time. You are enough and you deserve to be forgiven for the things that you feel you are less than. The chances are the things that you feel you have let yourself or other down with are just beliefs you have built up over time, they are not necessarily shortcomings. Will it matter in 6 months? If the answer is no, then don’t sweat it. Forgive then move on.

Say No Sometimes

We don’t have to be all things to all people. It’s ok to say no to anything that you feel is not aligned with your truest self. The key to saying no, is saying it for the right reason. You don’t have to come up with an alternative, just say no and be firm in your resolution.

Keep Your Boundaries

Setting, keeping and enforcing healthy boundaries can be hard, but is an essential part of showing self-love. Respect will be gained from others when they see that you are loving towards yourself and that your boundaries are fair and should not be broken. Boundaries fall into a 2 different categories; those that are flexible and those that are final. It’s ok to have some flexibility with your boundaries, having the ability to compromise shows strength and compassion. Final boundaries are those that you will not allow to be broken and enforcing these shows the truest self-love.

Do Something For You

You are important and you should take pride in looking after yourself, doing something everyday you enjoy is a great act of self-love. Meditate, shop, watch a film, read a book or even taking a few short minutes to enjoy the silence, if its something you enjoy do it.

Eat Well And Healthful

The saying ‘we are what we eat’ is often scoffed at, but what we put into our body affects us tremendously. Processed foods and food that are high sugar and chemicals contain less nutrients and are harder for our bodies to process, they can also have a very toxic effect. Where you can opt for fresh foods and try to make sure each meal you eat has several different colours in it. New habits can take anything from a week to three to establish, so if you are changing to eating a less processed diet, it can take time for your palate to adjust to new tastes.

Move Your Body

We are not built to live a sedentary life, our bodies are made to move, endorphins are released the more we do, so get up and go for a walk. Start small and these small steps will all add up. Take the stairs, park further away or take a leisurely stroll anything that gets you breathing a bit heavier is going to be great for you.

Get Outside

Nature can be one way to make us feel better and less stressed. For example walking near trees has evidence to show that it lowers blood pressure. Fresh air is great for our lungs and we can a good dose of vitamin D from being in the sun. Walking on the ground with bare feet is also great for pain relief and overall better health.

Don’t Make Comparison’s

Comparing yourself to another or seeing your own life as lacking can really sabotage your own worth and have a detrimental effect on your own mental health and outlook. In our age of social media we often see a 1 dimensional view of living, which can be bias and look like others live a fairytale life. Common sense usually prevails, but can still leave us feeling a bit ‘meh’. Giving gratitude and not comparing things can keep you seeing the best in your life.

Trust Yourself

You know exactly what is right for you! One size doesn’t fit all in life and trusting in yourself is the ultimate act of self-love, listening to your gut instinct and believing that you are making the right decisions, even in times when they look like they could have been wrong, will be leading you to exactly where you are meant to be.

It takes time to build a trusted and fulling relationship with yourself, acts of self-love is just one way of many to do this. Listening to your heart will never stray you from the wrong path and will always have the greatest benefits for you and your life.

Do you have others ways you like to show self-love? Let us know in the comments.

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