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How To Be More Productive Each Day

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Do you ever feel like you get little to nothing done each day? Or feel overwhelmed with the amount of things you have to do in a week? Do you feel you need to know how to be more productive each day? We have the ideas that will not only help you to be more productive but also to have room for little hiccups that happen from time to time.


Having a good routine is essential to getting the most out of your day. Starting early is also wise. If you get up at a set time you can have yourself ready for the day before your kids get up. It is one less thing to navigate in a morning. Plus it makes you feel like you have won the day already. Making your bed, getting breakfast, getting the kids ready, tidying away the breakfast stuff can all be done with relative ease, prior to the school run. If you work use your lunchtime to shop for dinner, meal plan or pop home to get dinner ready for the evening. Evening can have a similar routine. Make dinner, eat, spend time with the kids doing homework or reading, then once the children are in bed do the dishes and tidying so that the next day it isn;t left to be sorted.


With larger tasks, prioritise them in order of the most urgent. writing everything down and crossing off as you go will help you to keep track of exactly whats left to be done. If you have several phone calls to make do them in one hit. Bills to pay, shopping to be done, windows to be cleaned Whatever it is do it at the same time to maximise your time and effort.

One thing at a time

Focus on a job at hand from start to finish and don;t allow yourself to get sidetracked. Not only will focusing on one thing help you to feel less overwhelmed but once its done you will be able to move onto the next knowing its one less thing to do. Where as if its half done you will still feel like you have got nowhere.

Take breaks

You need to look after yourself by taking small breaks so that your concentration can remain focused. Especially if you are doing mundane tasks like paper work or washing.

Manage your time

We know roughly how long things will take, so plan the time so that you can get jobs finished and not left half done. Free time is usually unstructured time, so make it structured to really make the most out of the day. Also people often work better to a timescale, so give this challenge to you and see how much you actually get done.

Eat The Frog

This is a saying after a book about doing things you don’t want to do. Basically it goes that if you eat the frog first thing, the rest of the day will be no where near as bad. In simple terms do the hardest thing first that way the rest of the day will seem easier in comparison.

Stop Multi Tasking

You may think you are the goddess of multi-tasking but in actual fact if you are doing more than one thing chances are its being half done and taking double the time. So like stressed in ‘one thing at a time’. Focus on one thing fully before moving on to the next.

Keep a list

Keeping a running list of things still to do will help you to plan out whats happening and if something crops up you will have the ability to shuffle tasks around to accommodate it. It could be as simple as a notebook, calendar or whiteboard or as complex as a productivity app, whichever is more effective and suits your lifestyle.

Being productive is very much a mindset, you make a plan of what you want to achieve and you set out to complete it each day. If you don’t finish all your tasks roll them over to the next day. But be aware if you consistently do this by the end of the week you will be playing catch-up, which can leave you feeling disheartened.

As the saying goes ‘if you want something done as a busy person to do it’. Busy people accomplish the things they set out to. So keep yourself busy and you will be far more productive each day. Do you have some productivity ideas to add? Let us know in the comments.

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