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How to rise by lifting others up.

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Have you ever felt that amazing feeling of happiness when you compliment a person? Not just an empty compliment, but one from the heart. Feels like soaring doesn’t it? Its essential to learn how to rise by lifting others up, so that you can live a life free from feeling inadequate or fearful of others’ success.

Yet so often within our culture we see individuals tearing other’s down in order to elevate themselves. It’s a sure sign of insecurity and complete lack of self love, which makes my heart ache so much. Because if these people could see how amazing they really are and that by lifting others we also lift our self, they may think twice about belittling anyone.

The road to empowerment can be a long one, but every journey starts with a single step and even if you stumble and fall, you can just get right back up and try again. Be the kind of person that see’s another’s success as something to celebrate, rather than something to fear. We all feel a little insecure at times; less than perfect, but use that feeling in a positive way – to improve yourself.

Dare to be the person who gives unconditional support, who can communicate their fears, accepting the feeling that they may not be as good/beautiful/successful and still support and empower the other person. I bet my last bar of chocolate that you will feel infinity better than when you tear them down.

You don’t agree with them? That’s ok too. We don’t have to agree with a persons actions to still support them. Its not your journey and just because it’s not ideal to you, doesn’t make it wrong. Just different. Not your choice and that’s completely fine.

Finding it in your heart to love in the hardest of situations, seeing the perfection in every moment and meeting challenges with a smile will help you to appreciate both good and bad times. They are what sculpt us to be better people and challenge us to be kind to others even when we feel we may disappear behind their brilliance.

How to rise by lifting others

How can we raise others up?

Having some actionable steps to help propel us forward on our quest to become less self-serving and more empowering will help us on our journey to becoming better people and more importantly to raise our own self esteem and worth.

1. Be Encouraging

Be sincere and encourage people in what they are accomplishing or thinking of accomplishing, it maybe a diet or something as simple as settling an argument with a friend, use positive words to show you are behind them in their choices.

2. Hold Space

‘Holding space’ for anyone is walking beside them whilst casting no judgement, trying to fix it or trying to impact the outcome. Just being there to listen when needed and offer words when asked.

3. Share Knowledge

Its important to know when to share knowledge and when to just hold space. If someone is struggling you could share how you dealt with something similar and the tools you used. Its important to make it clear that there will be many ways to deal with any situation and yours is just one idea. Share books you have read, quotes you have seen that move you or others who inspire you, in everyday conversation. Its through the sharing of knowledge we can help another to find a new uncharted path.

4. Be Humble

Humility is vital. We all like to feel important but bragging is a symbol of someone who feels insecure and is looking externally for validation. Be your own validation, you are worth it and are amazing just as you are. Do not look down on others, the most simple of men can have the most amazing stories to share, we are no better or worse, we are all equal.

5. Self Worth

Knowing our own worth and being confident in what we find and see, will be one of the best ways to raise others up. Feeling self love and knowing without a shadow of a doubt our own value, will mean in times when others are excelling we will never feel less than them, only equal.

Sometimes we may find ourselves slipping back into old habits, basking in negativity can be addictive. Don’t let it be. Life always offers a second chance, it’s called TOMORROW. Through continually trying to be your best self, supportive and kind, we will find that individuals will gravitate to us and be thankful and positive of our role in their lives.


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