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How To Set And Achieve Life Goals

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If i asked you to tell me about your life goals would you be able to? Do you have any? If you do are they short term , medium or long term goals. Do you have a clear concise list of goals or just a vague direction you are heading in? Chances are if you are reading this you are interested in setting some really tangible and concrete life goals.

Short Term Life Goals

So short terms goals are the things we do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. For me short term goals are, going to the gym, writing a blog post a week, brainstorming for ideas for the website. Continuing to learn about psychology and how to apply it not only to myself but others. Write more of my book. To spend time with friends, family and loved ones. To find fun and gratitude in each day. To maintain a regular self care regime. To be as authentic as i can be each day.

My short term goals (or at least some of them) feed into my medium and longer term goals.

Medium Term Life Goals

Medium term goals are the things you would like to happen in the next few months or years. Hopefully you will see how some of my short terms goals lead into these: To achieve a strong and defined physique, to be practising CBT, Counselling and Mentoring. To be a published author with at least 2 books released. To be earning a comfortable amount of money allowing me the financial freedom to travel and spend time with my kids without the need for childminders.

These medium term life goals (and my short terms life goals) then feed into my longer term life goals.

Long Term Life Goals

Your long term life goals are going to need a bit more digging deep into. We could list a gazillion things we want in the longer term. But i want you to sit back and think of yourself in your formative years. What will you hope to have achieved? And i mean in terms of personally, not just in monetary terms or in terms of ego. My long term life goals are: To be physically fit and healthy so i can live a fulfilling life with my kids, grand kids and friends. To have the financial freedom to spend time with my friends and family making memories.

There is actually not that much in way of long terms goals i have. Hopefully this will be the same for you. Your long term goals of course might be to become a millionaire or a guru in your field of expertise. But ultimately a long term life goal should be the thing which gives your life purpose. For me its family and friends, they are my purpose. All the in between stuff, money making, ego driven success etc, those could be a medium term goals but ultimately if i don’t achieve them it won’t wholly affect my long term life goals. The daily way i behave and my short term goals will.

Setting Your Life Goals

Your gonna need a pen and paper for this and an idea of what kind of goals you want to set. Is it personal, a business or a family goal? Lets focus on personal goals in this instance. You will need to sit and ask yourself some questions around these goals, for example:

  • What interests me?
  • What am i passionate about?
  • What terrifies me?
  • What have i not done before?
  • Is there something i have always wanted to do?
  • How will i feel after i have achieved this?
  • What will be the first steps i will take?
  • Can someone help me with this?
Setting life goals. Spider diagram showing some questions to ask when setting life goals

I find a spider diagram (similar to the image above) can help when brain storming. Once you have identified your goals you can put them into short, medium or long term goals.


Its time to plan out what its going to take to reach each specific goal, some worthwhile questions to ask will be:

  • What needs to be done?
  • When it needs to be done by?
  • By whom it needs to be done?
  • What things are needed to do it?

Diving in further you will need to be able to identify the following:

  • What will you achieve in… (the long, medium or short-term)?
  • What specific steps will you go through to achieve your goal?
  • When will all the steps be completed by and how long it will take?
  • Who will be responsible for each step ( you, an accountability buddy or another)?
  • Details of everything that is needed to achieve the goal.

Its worth starting small and doing this process for a few short term goals before going onto some longer more meatier goals. Its also a great idea to download our FREE PDF goal planning worksheets. This sheet will help you not only identify your goals but also keep you accountable for achieving them.

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Its important when setting any life goal to over estimate the time its going to take and to be prepared for life to get in the way and some goals to take a back burner for a while. If you have not achieved a goal in the set time do not feel disappointed. Instead re-evaluate and attach a new time scale to it.


You may be the kind of person that is great at taking accountability for your actions and goals. However many are not, so if you feel this is you, it maybe worth getting an accountability buddy. This could be a person that is goal setting too, or failing that a family or friend who is happy to gently nudge you from time to time and who you are accountable to during you goal journey. This person will know what your goal is and will touch base from time to time to make sure you are still on the correct path to achieving the set out goals. Having an accountability buddy can be very motivating and keep you moving forward when you lack motivation.

Setting life goals can be empowering and reaching them even more so, you will feel accomplished and proud of yourself and rightly so. However, whilst going through this process its worth remembering the importance of the journey and the present moment. Each step you take now will be one step closer to your goal. Try not get too lost in the end result. Sometimes you may find that as you evolve as a person, so some of your life goals evolve with you. Some will no longer be your goals and its ok to acknowledge this and scrap them. There may also be times where you do not reach your goals for one reason or another. Again, this is ok. If it’s still a goal re-assess and redefine a timescale on which to achieve it. There is no right or wrong or success or failure in goal setting. It’s the process that gives us the experiences, that as human beings, we need to keep growing into better versions of our self.

Would you like to share some of your life goals this post has helped you plan? Let us know in the comments below.

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